Best Iron Chandelier Design

Iron Chandelier come in many shapes and sizes number. Choosing the right light can make a big statement in your decor in general. But a lot of people are confused often about how to choose the right iron lighting fixtures for their homes. Some areas such as dining room, Kitchen Island, family room / guest […]

Wagon Wheel Chandelier And Lighting

Nothing brings more luxury and style to your deluxe home in addition to wagon wheel chandelier. Handmade wagon wheel chandelier is considered the main luxury lighting choice by most people. They can turn your living room while providing a spectacular view of the most beauty and exquisiteness. Although wagon wheel chandelier the first design is […]

Decorating Ideas For Mini Chandelier

Mini chandelier – Mini chandeliers are a good addition to the house. They can not only provide light to a dark room or in the corner, but also a decorative touch and something feminine. Mini lamps are commonly used in baby nurseries. If you want to save money by decorating to be a piece of […]

Drum Chandelier For Dining Room

Drum chandelier – The living room is a room that is almost always present in every home. A living room is good and comfortable not only seen from the design of the living room or furniture-furniture that was there. A comfortable living room also has good lighting and enough, not too bright to blinding or […]

Beautiful Dining Room Chandeliers

Dining room chandeliers – Not only do the appropriate lighting illuminate food on the table, lighting adorns and enhances the dining area. Dining room lighting reflects your style and often style of architecture in the home. Proper placement of the dining room lighting is important because it is necessary to provide the atmosphere without disturbing […]

Lamp Capiz Chandelier Tutorial

Capiz chandelier – Capiz shell chandeliers have an attractive, natural appearance; while still lend a dramatic touch to a room. Unfortunately, capiz shell chandeliers are often quite expensive. You can make your own, however, and if you work carefully, you can make a capiz shell chandelier that looks like a professional or manufactured. The easiest […]

Chandelier Shades Ideas Design

Learning how to make chandelier shades from any screen is all about finding out what kind of mood you are trying to create. You can create that personal touch lighting if you go for a classic look rodeo theme or a more modern, romanticized version of the Old West. This is not only a great […]

Popular Shabby Chic Chandelier

Shabby chic chandelier – Shabby treatment is a popular design that uses recycled furniture and accessories, fabric flowers, a lot of white prints and faded to soften a room. A critical about what you already have in place to see if a paint or fabric can transform skirt look. Hunt flea markets and thrift stores […]

Lovely Rustic Chandelier

Rustic chandelier – What hallmarks of a rustic style characterized by use of natural materials such as wood for interior. In addition, there needs to be comfortable and cozy furnishings to make a rustic decor. best example of rustic houses are those located in rural, cottages or cabins spaces, all of which are decorated with […]

Popular Today: Lantern Chandelier

Lantern chandelier – These chandeliers can be a practical and fun accent for your rooms. they are Available in a variety of patterns and colors , the lantern lamp is a traditional eastern decoration found in homes worldwide. From the very recognizable round hanging lanterns to the more contemporary lantern lampshades found in modern homes, […]